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partisil and partisphere void sealing (wvs) columns 空隙密封色谱柱 4681-j9九游会九游国际版

产品名称: partisil and partisphere void sealing (wvs) columns 空隙密封色谱柱
产品型号: 4681-1502 4681-1505 4681-1507 4681-1509
产品展商: 其它品牌

partisil and partisphere void sealing (wvs) columns 空隙密封色谱柱 寿命是普通柱的2倍,手拧式柱套可以反复使用

partisil and partisphere void sealing (wvs) columns 空隙密封色谱柱的详细介绍

partisil and partisphere void sealing (wvs) columns 空隙密封色谱柱

whatman wvs columns are renowned for their high quality, innovative design, and exceptional durability.

wvs columns allow easy adjustment of the top frit to fill the void that gradually develops and reduces resolution as silica dissolves.

features and benefits
  • void sealing columns can last twice as long as standard end fitting columns, saving as much as 50% on column cost per test
  • available packed with spherical and irregular media
  • integral void sealing mechanism prolongs column life
  • reusable, hand tightened end-fittings save money, allow for wrenchless installation and rapid column changes
  • optimum resolution - typical column efficiencies for:
    • – partisil 10 µm media: 45 000 n/m
    • – partisil 5 µm media: 65 000 n/m
    • – partisphere 5 µm media: 90 000 n/m

wvs columns: engineered to provide unsurpassed consistency and longevity

partisil irregular media
available in prepacked, replaceable columns and a choice of 5 µm and 10 µm phases. these include silica and our popular ods-3 and ods-2 packings. also available are sax (strong anion exchanger), scx (strong cation exchanger) and pac (polar amino cyano).

due to the greater surface area of the irregular partisil, the medium offers enhanced selectivity and loading capacity. through uniform particle sizing, back pressure is minimized. also, the neutral ph of partisil provides for better peak symmetry without the need for mobile phase modifiers.

partisphere spherical media
available in prepacked columns and a choice of 5 µm high performance phases. in addition to its efficient pure silica and monomeric c-18 and c-8, whatman has added sax, scx and pac. partisphere media feature narrow particle size distribution and excellent reproducibility.

partisphere rtf
partisphere reduced tailing factor (rtf) hplc columns contain base-deactivated c-18 media. they employ a proprietary process that effectively ‘deactivates’ the secondary chromatographic effect due to residual silanols. in addition, these columns are extremely stable and can be used from ph 2 to ph 8 with no loss in performance. excellent for separation of basic compounds without the need for amine-modified mobile phases.

features and benefits
  • partisphere columns perform reproducibly every time, thanks to multiple quality control tests for both primary and secondary separation mechanisms
  • polished internal column walls ensure packing symmetries and efficiencies
  • partisphere rtf employs a proprietary process that effectively ‘deactivates’ residual silanol groups

partisphere and partisil  are described in the hplc media section.
note: use of wvs columns requires a one-time purchase of wvs end fittings (catalog number 4631-1001).

ordering information - partisil and partisphere void sealing (wvs) columns
catalog numberdescription

partisil media in wvs columns

partisphere (5 µm) media in wvs columns

reusable wvs column end fittings

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