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nalgene 121过滤器115ml cn滤膜 121-j9九游会九游国际版

产品名称: nalgene 121过滤器115ml cn滤膜
产品型号: 121-0020 121-0045
产品展商: 其它品牌

nalgene 121过滤器115ml cn滤膜 上部及接受器都有刻度,侧臂上配备纤维素孔塞和快拆接头nalgene 121过滤器115ml cn滤膜 上部及接受器都有刻度,侧臂上配备纤维素孔塞和快拆接头

nalgene 121过滤器115ml cn滤膜的详细介绍

nalgene 121过滤器115ml cn滤膜

mf75 sterilization filter units cellulose nitrate membrane, nalgene


for easy, fast, sterile filtration of 115–1000ml volumes. instantly ready for biological filtration, cold sterilization, or cleanup of particulated solutions or buffers. components separate easily for pouring. no need to transfer sterile filtrate to another container. nalgene 11/2-turn threaded screw closure guarantees leakproof seal and eliminates ph shift in receivers (except for 115ml size). receiver can be used to store filtrate. graduations on uppers and receivers. filter cup is printed with catalog number, lot number, membrane type, pore size, and expiration date. nontoxic, triton-free. preassembled and radiation sterilized.


receiver capacity mlpore size, µm membrane diameter mlmembrane color gridnni no. unit price
1150.250white121-0020case of 6 
     pack of 12 
1150.4550white/green121-0045case of 6 
     pack of 12 
1150.250white120-0020case of 6 
     pack of 12 
1150.4550white/green245-0045case of 6 
     pack of 12 
1150.850white/black380-0080case of 6 
     pack of 12 
1500.250white125-0020case of 12 
1500.4550white/green125-0045case of 12 
1500.850white/black125-0080case of 12 
2500.250white126-0020case of 12 
2500.4550white/green126-0045case of 12 
2500.850white/black126-0080case of 12 
5000.275white450-0020case of 12 
5000.4575white/green450-0045case of 12 
5000.875white/black450-0080case of 12 
10000.275white127-0020case of 12 
10000.4575white/green127-0045case of 12 
10000.875white/black127-0080case of 12 
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