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德国mn臭氧测试条臭氧测试纸ozone test sticks 90736 德国mn臭氧测试条臭氧测试纸 上海摩速科学器材有限公司-j9九游会九游国际版

产品名称: 德国mn臭氧测试条臭氧测试纸ozone test sticks 90736
产品型号: 德国mn臭氧测试条臭氧测试纸
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德国mn臭氧测试条臭氧测试纸ozone test sticks 90736臭氧检测浓度<90,90-150,150-210,>210μg/m3

德国mn臭氧测试条臭氧测试纸ozone test sticks 90736的详细介绍

德国mn臭氧测试条臭氧测试纸ozone test sticks 90736
德国mn原装进口臭氧测试条测试纸90736 12条装 0-210ug/立方米 <90-150-210μg/m3ozone is a colourless toxic gas. it is irritating to eyes and mucous membranes and can cause respiratory complaints. an ozone content of 180 μg/m3 is considered as critical value above which sensitive persons should avoid stronger physical exertion. the ozone values published by public media like press, radio or tv represent the ozone concentrations in the vicinity of the measuring stations. however, actual ozone values in other locations can considerably deviate from these published values due to meteorological and chemical influences such as wind, solar radiation, exhaust gases from vehicles etc. for this reason a local measurement of ozone concentrations is recommended.

ozone test sticks are a convenient test for orienting determination of the ozone concentration in air. similar to the quantofix® test sticks they consists of plastic strips 10 mm wide, onto which a test paper has been sealed at the lower end. this allows easy handling of the test.

product data and ordering information
type special test stick
presentation box of 12 test sticks
color reaction white -> brown

<90,90–150,150–210,> 210 μg/m3 ozone

reference 90736
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