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whatman囊式组织培养溶液过滤器 polycap whatman 上海摩速科学器材有限公司-j9九游会九游国际版

产品名称: whatman囊式组织培养溶液过滤器
产品型号: polycap whatman
产品展商: 其它品牌

whatman polycap 一囊式组织培养溶液过滤器可以安全而有效地过滤要求严格的生物溶液和组织培养溶液。whatman囊式组织培养溶液过滤器 特性:·具有低蛋白吸附膜·高效预滤·预先**·不要求任何昂贵的设备·比常规方法降低了喷溅和泄露的危险·可用一个滤器作为另一个滤器的预滤装置·可将样品直接过滤到常压容器中

whatman囊式组织培养溶液过滤器 的详细介绍

whatman polycap 一囊式组织培养溶液过滤器可以安全而有效地过滤要求严格的生物溶液和组织培养溶液。whatman囊式组织培养溶液过滤器

polycap™ tc (pes) is available with and without a filling bell, they are disposable, dual layer polyethersulfone (pes) membrane filtration capsules that provide efficient filtration for critical aqueous solutions.

the pes membrane is inherently hydrophilic, has low extractables, is biosafe, has excellent flow rates and exhibits low protein binding.

features and benefits
  • polycap tc/pes 0.2/0.1, 0.2/0.2 and 0.8/0.2 µm capsules pass the hima challenge test for sterilizing grade filters
  • 100% integrity-tested during manufacturing; results are correlated to microbial retention
  • housing thermally fused (no surfactants or mold releasing agents)
  • integrity-testable by bubble point, pressure decay or forward flow methods
  • available in sterile and nonsterile versions with a filling bell option
  • manufactured in clean room facilities under iso quality systems
  • pes membrane protein adsorption characteristics:
    hsa 0.4 µg/cm2
    insulin 2.0 µg/cm2
    gammaglobulin 1.5 µg/cm2

  • aqueous solutions
  • biologicals
  • buffers
  • cleaning/rinsing solutions
  • enzymes
  • high-quality water
  • particle counting solutions
  • pharmaceutical solutions
  • reagent preparation
  • salt solutions
  • tissue culture media
  • virus suspensions


technical properties - polycap tc 
venton inlet 
membranepolyethersulfone (pes) 
support systempolypropylene 
maximum pressure4.1 bar (60 psi)
flow directionif there is a prefilter, it is located on the inlet side and flow should follow arrows
endotoxin levellal tested, ≤  0.5 eu/ml 
biosafetymaterials pass usp class vi 
sterilizationcertain filter devices have been sterilized.*
capsule may be autoclaved at 121°c for 20 minutes (maximum 132°c). however, an integrity test should be performed after autoclaving.
(*sterile and non-sterile options offered)
filtration area36 mm capsule: 440 cm2 (72 in2)
75 mm capsule: 930 cm2 (144 in2)
150 mm capsule: 1900 cm2 (302 in2)
water bubble point (final membrane)0.1 µm > 3.2 bar (46 psi) 
0.2 µm > 2.7 bar (40 psi) 
0.45 µm > 2.1 bar (30 psi)
1.0 µm > 1.1 bar (16 psi)
sb - stepped barb for 6 to 10 mm (1/4 to 3/8") tubing
1/2 sb - stepped barb for 10 to 12 mm (3/8 to 1/2") tubing
mnpt - male national pipe thread
hb - hose barb


ordering information - polycap tc
catalog numberdescription
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